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My name is Amanda, I'm 22 years old from SoCal. I love Anthropology, GIS and video games. I like going on adventures! I like Rooster Teeth, Doctor Who, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, and Grey's Anatomy. My favorite bands include Fall Out Boy, Brand New, and Escape The Fate. I guess you can ask for my instagram, snapchat, kik, or skype.
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I think its totally bullshit that in the first Spiderman movie Peter Parker shoots out his webs in the middle of a crowded lunchroom like



and then a few months later they see a masked guy swinging from webs and being like



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part of me wants to do really well in school and get an amazing job and the other part of me just wants to lie on the floor and do nothing ever because i’m gonna die in the end anyway

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So one time, one of my guy friends said, “I’m pretty sure I’m straight but I’ve never slept with a man so how do I know for sure if I’m not bisexual or gay” and so he actually went and picked up a guy, had sex with him and after ward he said, “Well that was fun but I appear to be straight.” and just went on with his life without making a big deal about his dip into homosexuality and really, I think everybody should be this relaxed about sexualities

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diggin the AHS font in the AAA magazine

Handwriting Meme


1. Handwrite your name.
2. Handwrite your Tumblr URL.
3. Handwrite your blog title.
4. Handwrite your Tumblr crushes.
5. Handwrite your favorite season of the year.
6. Handwrite what color shirt your wearing right now.
7. Handwrite your favorite actresses and actors.
8. Handwrite your favorite TV shows.
9. Handwrite your favorite bands/singers.
10. Handwrite your favorite songs.
11. Handwrite your favorite number.
12. Handwrite the country you currently live in.
13. Handwrite the country you were born in.
14. Handwrite “hello”.
15. Handwrite your name in the hand that you do NOT normally use.
16. Handwrite 3 words that sum you up.
17. Handwrite the first 10 words that come to mind.
18. Handwrite a message to your followers.
19. Handwrite my url

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do an impression of me in my inbox

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haha look at all the homework im not doing

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  • buying a roosterteeth shirt: yes hi i'd like to pay 19.95 for an inside joke

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